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With years of experience, skill and knowledge in the roofing industry, Davidson & Co Roofing remains your leading roof repair, installation and maintenance experts. We are dedicated to providing our customers the quality materials, safety and long-lasting quality workmanship they expect and deserve. We continue to learn of the most innovative materials and methods in roofing allowing us to deliver efficiency, value and a high standard of workmanship for every project.


Re Roofing

It is important that all roof replacements are managed by your roofing experts with guaranteed quality workmanship


Flat Roofing

All flat roof installations and repairs are handled with our quality roofing solutions.

Fascias and Soffit

The install and the repair of Fascias and Soffit are completed according to add value and aesthetic appeal to your residential and commercial property. 

Patch and Repair Works

Your trusted roofers will transform the appearance of your roof with efficient repairs and the protection you need. 

Chimneys Repair & Installation

Enjoy the warmth, charm and beauty of a professionally installed and repaired chimney. Contact us to all chimney repair and installation services. 


General Roofing

We perform various general roofing repairs with quality standards of workmanship and professionalism. 

Why Choose Davidson & Co Roofing?

Experienced Team

We have an experienced team, who are serving over the years.

Always Deliver in Time

We deliver the work always on time, Time efficiency is our main strength


We are a certified company as per the UK standards

Dedicated Staff

We have fully dedicated staff that comprises of specialists

Client Satisfaction

We believe that client satisfaction is more important to us then making money

Budget Friendly

We provide our service on a reasonable budget

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